By definition a savage is a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized. Synonymous with barbarian, wild (wo)man and primitive.

I recently went on a short trip to Winchester, VA with a friend and her children. The morning we were scheduled to leave we were downstairs in the hotel lobby for breakfast when my friend needed to run up to our room. No big deal! My two girls were eating, her two boys would be eating soon and it’d just take a minute. Now let me tell you…a minute with four kids is a LOT longer than a minute. I’m sure someone has done a study to confirm that somewhere. Ha! In that time Paisley pulled over the high chair WITH the baby in it, Harlow spilled her yogurt everywhere and in trying to wrangle the kids I almost burned the boys’ waffles. Thankfully kids are cute so they just had everyone laughing at them, but as breakfast was winding down an older couple was left in the room with us. They had talked to the children some and were a very sweet couple. The wife was laughing and told me a story about a man apologizing for his children and referring to them as savages. That word has been stuck in my head ever since because you know what? That man was right. Children ARE savages.

Very sweet, chaotic, adorable savages. During our two-day trip my girls completely destroyed their car seats with graham crackers, puffs, chicken nuggets and fruit snacks. Harlow slung a pouch on my car ceiling, door and all over herself. Paisley stripped down butt naked in front of everyone in the hotel room multiple times, once she even started undressing in the hotel lobby during breakfast because she wanted her swim suit on. I diffused wayyyy more than one tantrum because she couldn’t buy candy, or because she wanted to jump on the bed, or because Harlow didn’t want in her car seat again. All in all I think the worst was probably Paisley’s need to attempt to join Carter (my friends 4-year-old boy who definitely DOES know what privacy is) while he was trying to go pee. I mean really? She does it to me all the time so apparently she thought it was fair game anytime.

So, yeah. Uncivilized savages sounds pretty darn accurate to me! 100% lovable little savages. Thankfully the good outshines the bad 100% of the time so we continue to fight through the crazy and enjoy ourselves on new adventures anyways.



There’s Good and Then There’s Not So Good

Sometimes I’m bad about only posting the GOOD things on social media. Although I try to dwell on the good as often as possible, some days there is just more bad than good though. Take our trip from East Lyme, CT to Surry, VA for example.

The evening before we left we checked the route. It said it’d take just under 9 hours. Not too bad compared to the 18 hours on the way up there. With the girls we always add a couple hours due to stops, but it still didn’t seem too bad. Well, as we were pulling out that next morning the route said just over 10 hours, putting us there at 7pm. Not much we could do about that so we went ahead and left. We started off the trip right *insert sarcasm here* because both girls were very unhappy for me and then our poor dog got a bit carsick….all over my husbands seat. He wasn’t stopping so he just wrapped it up in her blanket, tossed it on the floor and kept going. Then I, of course, took a wrong turn not too far into our trip that added another 30 minutes onto my time. Evan was smarter than I was so he just kept going the RIGHT way. We ended up meeting up after he took a bathroom break.

Our route had us going through the D.C. area right around 5:30pm so I posted on a Fulltimer’s page asking if we were going the best way since Evan would be pulling a 43′ 5th wheel. We got a bunch of back and forth answers so we decided to stay on our original route. Unfortunately, just after we passed the only other main route, through Deleware, we found out we would have to take a slight detour. Although it isn’t very well posted, apparently you aren’t allowed more than a 10lb propane tank when traveling through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel. Seeing as our 5th wheel has 2 30lb tanks, that wasn’t exactly going to work out. Our only real choice was to go through the heart of Baltimore, adding even more time onto our trip, in order to avoid the tunnel. So, that’s what we did and man is my husband a champ pulling our rig through major cities like it’s nothin.

From there, when we reset our routes apparently mine and my husbands weren’t synced up because we ended up taking two separate highways. We knew we’d meet up eventually so we just went with it. Of course in D.C. I took ANOTHER wrong turn adding even more time onto my trip. *SIGH* By the time we got out of the area I was very relieved and my children were very unhappy with the traffic delays. The girls and I took a pit stop for dinner just before we got to Fredricksburg. Right in line with our trip the Wendy’s bathroom not only had no changing table, but the stall door was completely knocked off it’s hinge and let me tell you….it is not very fun changing two diapers and going to the bathroom with no stall door, no inside lock to the main bathroom door and no changing table!

Thankfully that was the last bit of fun we had on our trip and we finally arrived at our campground at 9:30, almost a full 12 hours after we left. Due to our wrong turn and stop for dinner Evan already was here with everything set up for us so though!

First Blog: Our Beginning

This story is a bit longer than most, so sorry in advance for the length!

One day my husband and I were discussing our life. We had a roof over our heads, food on the table and were making ends meet, but we wanted to do more than just make ends meet. We both have an idea of what our life will be like eventually and debt free is pretty close to the top of the “Our Ideal Future” list.

So, how do we get there? That was a pretty big question at the time. Well, the obvious choice to my husband was for him to travel. We were homeowners so the typical thing to do would be for him to travel, come home every 2-4 months for a short period of time between jobs and us visit him occasionally. It’s what a lot of people in his industry do, it’s even what his brother did for a period of time.

On paper and in theory that sounded great, to an extent. In my mind all I could imagine was my children growing up without their dad around more often than not. Sure it’d only be for a limited amount of years, but I still didn’t like it. On a more selfish level though, was being isolated at home with my children 24/7. Don’t get me wrong because I love my children and I willingly chose to be a stay-at-home-mom so I could spend every day with them. If I ever somehow get a “do-over” I would still choose to be a SAHM, but completely by myself? Constantly? With a reprieve only every few months? Sure, we would still be able to attend our MOPS events and do lunch with friends from time to time, but we’d still be by ourselves at home. In order for me to get the full point across I need to inform you that my husband is my lifeline. He understands the chaos. He helps with bath time and dishes and laundry and more often than not on his days off he lets ME sleep in. He always remembers to take the trash out on trash days because I just can’t for the life of me ever remember. Not only is he my lifeline with the kids and chores, but he is MY person. When I’m having a bad day, or am just flat out grumpy (which if you know me at all it’s pretty often) he makes me laugh. Constantly. Lots of times begrudgingly, but he still brings my happiness to the surface. He lightens my load every single day just by being him, even if he is extremely frustrating in the process! 😉

So, yeah. Him traveling? Us staying home? That was pretty much at the very, very, very bottom of the list of possibilities for me. I knew that him traveling would be a blessing financially and I didn’t want to completely just shut down his idea so I continued to think it over. At one point I briefly mentioned the idea of us all traveling and Evan pretty much shut that down right away. A super tiny space with two toddlers? No way. What would we do with the house? What about my friends, family, MOPS, etc.? Well to me it was pretty obvious….all of those things are great, but they aren’t him. We chose to start an “us” because we wanted to do life together, not separated ¾ of the year.

Well then I started looking into things a lot more and found out about these 5th wheels that are extremely nice, nicer than our house at the time, actually. They have a ton of room and multiple bedrooms. They’re pricey, sure, but if we were to sell our house it would totally be feasible. I continued to do some early morning research in my free time, and by early morning and free time I mean 1am when my children are asleep because I’m a mom of two crazy kiddos. I got all of my ducks in a row and basically strong armed him into listening to everything I had to say….which consisted of talking his ear off during the 1.5 hour drive from our home in Burlington, KS to where we grew up in Archie, MO. At the end of the conversation I told him either all of us are traveling, or none of us are traveling because I didn’t think I’d make it without him around. I could tell I finally got through to him because he wasn’t totally negative about everything I had to say.

Well, that conversation happened last year around Easter and look at us now! It’s been a long year with a lot of obstacles throughout the process, but we made it. We officially closed on our house February 28th, purchased our 5th wheel March 17th and have been happily living in under 450 square feet ever since!