There’s Good and Then There’s Not So Good

Sometimes I’m bad about only posting the GOOD things on social media. Although I try to dwell on the good as often as possible, some days there is just more bad than good though. Take our trip from East Lyme, CT to Surry, VA for example.

The evening before we left we checked the route. It said it’d take just under 9 hours. Not too bad compared to the 18 hours on the way up there. With the girls we always add a couple hours due to stops, but it still didn’t seem too bad. Well, as we were pulling out that next morning the route said just over 10 hours, putting us there at 7pm. Not much we could do about that so we went ahead and left. We started off the trip right *insert sarcasm here* because both girls were very unhappy for me and then our poor dog got a bit carsick….all over my husbands seat. He wasn’t stopping so he just wrapped it up in her blanket, tossed it on the floor and kept going. Then I, of course, took a wrong turn not too far into our trip that added another 30 minutes onto my time. Evan was smarter than I was so he just kept going the RIGHT way. We ended up meeting up after he took a bathroom break.

Our route had us going through the D.C. area right around 5:30pm so I posted on a Fulltimer’s page asking if we were going the best way since Evan would be pulling a 43′ 5th wheel. We got a bunch of back and forth answers so we decided to stay on our original route. Unfortunately, just after we passed the only other main route, through Deleware, we found out we would have to take a slight detour. Although it isn’t very well posted, apparently you aren’t allowed more than a 10lb propane tank when traveling through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel. Seeing as our 5th wheel has 2 30lb tanks, that wasn’t exactly going to work out. Our only real choice was to go through the heart of Baltimore, adding even more time onto our trip, in order to avoid the tunnel. So, that’s what we did and man is my husband a champ pulling our rig through major cities like it’s nothin.

From there, when we reset our routes apparently mine and my husbands weren’t synced up because we ended up taking two separate highways. We knew we’d meet up eventually so we just went with it. Of course in D.C. I took ANOTHER wrong turn adding even more time onto my trip. *SIGH* By the time we got out of the area I was very relieved and my children were very unhappy with the traffic delays. The girls and I took a pit stop for dinner just before we got to Fredricksburg. Right in line with our trip the Wendy’s bathroom not only had no changing table, but the stall door was completely knocked off it’s hinge and let me tell you….it is not very fun changing two diapers and going to the bathroom with no stall door, no inside lock to the main bathroom door and no changing table!

Thankfully that was the last bit of fun we had on our trip and we finally arrived at our campground at 9:30, almost a full 12 hours after we left. Due to our wrong turn and stop for dinner Evan already was here with everything set up for us so though!


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