By definition a savage is a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized. Synonymous with barbarian, wild (wo)man and primitive.

I recently went on a short trip to Winchester, VA with a friend and her children. The morning we were scheduled to leave we were downstairs in the hotel lobby for breakfast when my friend needed to run up to our room. No big deal! My two girls were eating, her two boys would be eating soon and it’d just take a minute. Now let me tell you…a minute with four kids is a LOT longer than a minute. I’m sure someone has done a study to confirm that somewhere. Ha! In that time Paisley pulled over the high chair WITH the baby in it, Harlow spilled her yogurt everywhere and in trying to wrangle the kids I almost burned the boys’ waffles. Thankfully kids are cute so they just had everyone laughing at them, but as breakfast was winding down an older couple was left in the room with us. They had talked to the children some and were a very sweet couple. The wife was laughing and told me a story about a man apologizing for his children and referring to them as savages. That word has been stuck in my head ever since because you know what? That man was right. Children ARE savages.

Very sweet, chaotic, adorable savages. During our two-day trip my girls completely destroyed their car seats with graham crackers, puffs, chicken nuggets and fruit snacks. Harlow slung a pouch on my car ceiling, door and all over herself. Paisley stripped down butt naked in front of everyone in the hotel room multiple times, once she even started undressing in the hotel lobby during breakfast because she wanted her swim suit on. I diffused wayyyy more than one tantrum because she couldn’t buy candy, or because she wanted to jump on the bed, or because Harlow didn’t want in her car seat again. All in all I think the worst was probably Paisley’s need to attempt to join Carter (my friends 4-year-old boy who definitely DOES know what privacy is) while he was trying to go pee. I mean really? She does it to me all the time so apparently she thought it was fair game anytime.

So, yeah. Uncivilized savages sounds pretty darn accurate to me! 100% lovable little savages. Thankfully the good outshines the bad 100% of the time so we continue to fight through the crazy and enjoy ourselves on new adventures anyways.



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